Kids Coaching – Pump Track


Short 1 hour sessions for youngsters of all abilities who have already ridden and can pedal mountain bike with two brakes but want to learn their way around a pump track with some new skills or develop their exiosting skillset on the pump track

starting with the base skills of pumping and cornering to navigating the pump track efficiently. Developing through the session to focus on carrying speed through the pump track with advanced skills such as pumping, manuals and looking at jumping.

Location: Machynlleth Pump Track
Duration: 1 Hour

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August Wednesday 14th (Machynlleth) 1-2pm, August Monday 26th (Machynlleth) 1-2pm, October Sunday 27th (Machynlleth) 1-2pm, October Wednesday 31st (Machynlleth) 1-2pm, November Saturday 30th (Machynlleth) 1-2pm